SquidWorks, LLC

About Us

We are Alexa and Mason; the Taylor Family. We reside in the charming area of Gloucester, Virginia surrounded by the shores of the York River. We are proud owners of 2 four-legged souls filled with personality and humor-filled antics.

Our specialty is hand-crafted stationery pens and lathe spun pens. We are no stranger to customizations and bulk orders! We have created an array of pens from a simple multicolor glow-in-the-dark to a gorgeous one-of-a-kind Rollerball pen encased with watch parts using gunmetal hardware.

Featured Items

Handmade Fordite Rollerball Pen

The body of this pen is bits and pieces of hand-turned and polished Fordite with period-correct mustard yellow resin. Fordite is the material removed from car factories where they paint the vehicles. Basically layers and layers of car paint, It builds up over time and periodically gets chipped up in chunks and disposed of. This material is from a Dodge factory in the 1970’s. Buttoned up with some beautiful gunmetal hardware and a rollerball cartridge. The cap unscrews for when the pen is in use.

Blue Cholla Cactus Pen

This piece of cholla cactus was dried and filled with a wide array of shades of blue resin. Then it was spun down into this cylindrical shape, sanded to shine, and placed in a gunmetal Sierra style pen kit. It’s a gorgeous writing utensil and is sure to turn heads whenever you pull it out.

Fun for Everyone

Dog Click Pen

This group of pens might just be my favorite! Simply adorable dog-themed label cast blanks on the best hardware, with a silent and responsive click mechanism controlling the ink cartridge. There are paw prints on the click mechanism and the tip is adorned with more paw prints and the phrase “I love my dog” and the finishing touch is a bone-shaped clip! Offered in gold finish, silver finish, and a brushed silver finish.

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